What makes these cakes so special?

All of the cakes are handmade by me.

I make these cakes from scratch. Each individual cake takes about 6-7 hours to bake, fill, and frost. I don't take any shortcuts as I want it to be as perfect as can be. :)

Customize Your Cake

You get to pick your color scheme, as well as the fillings and other decorations. Just let me know what works for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If something happens to go wrong with your order, I will work out a solution to fix it. If you want a specific thing changed with your order, we can work out the details together.

So how does it work?

Browse through the cakes

I show a couple photos of the cakes that you could order, but the possibilities are endless. Are you looking for a different color scheme? I can color the buttercream almost any color, and there are three different colors that are allowed on each cake!

Available for local pickup at my house

I will work out the details with you, and provide you with my home address and time for pickup!

Check out and pay

When picking up the cake at my house, I accept cash and checks for payment!